Welcome to students

Hello to all first LMD students.
I created this blog with the purpose of sharing with you documents, handouts and links to different study materials.
I advise you to open it everyday in case I post something new. It concerns mostly Group 15/16/23/24 but others are welcome to use it.

Try to get used to the blog on your own, it is easy to use.

If you encounter any problem, comment and I will reply to you asap.

Ms Bouadma


Link to the general Folder of download http://www.mediafire.com/?d1qvdg905doqf


25 thoughts on “Welcome to students

  1. Hello thnx alot for providing us with this Blog it’s really helpful , Please I’d like to know the programe of 1st year methodology module . Thank you in advance

    • Hello,
      Sadly I do not have the programme for that module, kindly ask your teacher of methodology. Meanwhile I will try to find if there is any programme with other teachers.
      Keep up!

  2. hi miss
    i just come to see my notes and i was shocked i expected more.anyway i just want to ask you if i can see it next week? because i didn’t come yesterday.I’m not in Algiers please answer please. a 7 no way!

  3. Hi miss, plz can u give me my marks of the test and the exam of literture plz. im from group 15 =) i will be waiting for your response.

    • Hello,
      The novels of the second year vary according to the teacher. Mainly you will study:
      ‘Things Fall Apart’ by Chinua Achebe.
      ‘HuckFinn’ by Mark Twain.
      ‘ Heart of Darkness’ by Joseph Conrad
      ‘Jane Eyre’ by Charlotte Brontë

      Good luck!

  4. Hi miss I hope you’re fine, plz miss could you give me my marke of the exame and the text of “st.sk” cause they did a lot of mistakes in the marks I’m Sifoune Narimene from g 23. i’m waitting for you’re answer!!!

  5. Good morning admin,i’m actually new in the university (1st year english 2013/2014) and i could really use some help,i want to know if this blog concerns all groups of the english department,and if so may i acquire the program of the first year for all modules?(i know it might be too much to ask but i know it will be useful to post it because a lot of lost students will benefit from it) thanks for answering.

    • Hello,

      This blog has originally been made by Ms. Bouadma for her groups of 1st year. The program is relatively the same but each teacher has his own method. You can use some information from this blog for your studies. However, I invite you to approach your teacher and ask her for your programme so you can have some time to prepare your classes. If you need any help, you can always contact me, I will gladly offer my help.


  6. miss a quelle heure on passe l’examen de cp demain ? répondé svp car j’ai entendue dire que vous avez reporter ? 4exams in 1 day sorry with all my respect that terrible and unfair 😦

    • Hello,

      Yes, you will have it either on Tuesday or Thursday. a Note will be posted. I asked a collegue to post a note today but it seems that the dpt was closed.
      As for the ‘unfair’ I am sorry but it is out of my hands. But you don’t have to worry, revise what you can and come take your exams.

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