Group 23-24 The Making of Modern Nations RECAP


This is a recap of the class

Note that these are notes, you need to do more research to prepare for your exams.

Changes during 1920s

 The miracle of the Age: The Automobile  


It was a new invention that imposed a new way of living, they enabled people to travel and to be constantly in motion. It followed the concept of Americans ‘conquering the minds’

It opened more job opportunities and helped people into the building of a modern proser life.

The man behind the car invention was Henry Ford, he sought to improve  the economy, he brought mass production, therefore mass consumption and of course mass market. He was considered as a hero and people thought of him leading the new America rather than the politicians.

The Sexual Revolution: 


The women during the Victorian Age were to please the men and take care of their children, however during the 1920s, the sexual revolution brought new features in the American families. The philosophy of pleasure was introduced. The changes touched the family life, the birth of children was now limited as the women were free to take contraceptions, it was however illegal from the eyes of religious men.

The Harlem Renaissance:


It was related to black people, as they established their own culture, they have brought a tremendous change in their community. It was an affirmation that America was a multi-cultured nation. The first aspect of this Afro American culture was music. They invented Jazz music and along with it came the notion of The Roaring Twenties’

Jazz was a revolt that showed that the black people had more sensitivity than the white man.

Prohibition of Alcohol:

5 Prohibition Disposal(9)

It was one of the greatest dilemma in America. President Hoover called it “an experience noble in purpose”

Indeed, the death rate from liver failure dropped, and no one was able to afford it. However this attempt to legislate morality was a costly flop.

Smuggling became a major industry. The making and the buying of alcohol was prohibited but not the drinking.  Illegal brewers flourished.

Bootlegging was highly profitable. This prohibition worsened the situation as people craved more the ‘forbidden fruit’ imposed by the government. At the same time small black markets came to the surface and fights between gangs started emerging everywhere, what created ‘The Organized Crime’

Prohibition questioned democracy, a nation who promised freedom and liberty, is trying to impose and control the life of people. The WASP (White Anglo Saxon Protestant) wanted to return to  the old America by hook or by crook.

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Group 15-16 Literary Genres: Twelfth Night


In our lesson, we have seen:


Olivia: Grieving her dead brother and father, however wanting to show the world that no one can grief as her.

Viola: The intelligent pragmatic woman, who seeks solutions instead of lamenting over drams that happened to her.

Orsino: Blindly in love with Olivia, but we are not sure if he is in love with her or in love of how  he is in love with her.

Malvolio: The puritan within in the play, talks in a disdainful way to everyone he things is under him, and seeks the fortunes of Lady Olivia.

Maria: The shrewd maid that will have a hand on the making of the downfall plan for Malvolio.

Feste: A wise fool who tells the turth about everyone without getting hurt at any time.

Sir Toby: The drunkard cousin to Olivia who does not care about anything in the world, or so he seems to be.

Sir Andrew: Toby’s friend, fool, idiot, and thinking of himself being a brave knight in a very Don Quiwote-ish way.

We have discussed the aspect of Comedy IN Seriousness, through several scenes


1- Confession of Olivia to Cesario

2-Malvolio with Yellow stockings presenting himself to his mistress.

3-The ridicule fight for love between Cesario and Andrew

These are only some examples; you have to read the play and elaborate more on your own.

We have spoken also about Disguise

Being a device, disguise is both a curse and a bliss, we saw that through some examples of the play.

A curse as Viola falls in love with the duke, Olivia falls in love with Viola, Sebastian fights with Andrew willing to kill him which make disguise  dangerous.

A bliss as it helps to untangle all the problems in the play at the very end.

Again, you need to elaborate more on that and do some research.

Group 15: The Fall of the House of Usher & Eveline

The Fall of the House of Usher by Edgar.A.Poe

We studied three major points

Foreshadowing:  It implies giving hints about the future events. We studied some examples, like the title itself, the fissure on the house,  the physical and mental state of the brother and sister. Do further research on it.

Symbolism: Using symbolism in literature can intensify the meaning and give it more impact, than just writing directly the events.

Irrationality & Rationality: Edgar A. Poe  chose a rational narrator. We studied why he did so. He used such narrator to contrast between super natural events happening and the logic mind of the narrator fighting these ‘illusions’ in which he always foresaw logical explanation.

Eveline by James Joyce

We studied

Symbolism as a major characteristic of the short story: The first three lines of the short story are rich in symbolism as they present to us, the emotional, financial, and physical state of the main protagonist, Eveline.

The notion of Paralysis: We studied the element the prevents the protagonists of Dubliners from taking a personal decision. As far as Eveline is concerned, her paralysis prevents her from taking the final decision, and she prefers to remain with her oppressive father rather than seek happiness with her lover.

Epiphany  in Dubliners.