Study Skills Programme

Study Skills :
Semester 1 & 2:
How to write a paragraph.
How to write an essay.
How to prepare a presentation

How to take notes

How to organize our time


The exam will be given in a form of a research and presentation. Your marks will depend on your creativity and ability to deal with the topic.


8 thoughts on “Study Skills Programme

  1. hi miss im a student from group 17 we don’t have a teacher of study skills unfortunatley 😦 it will be a pleasure to us to have you we don’t even know what is this module can u please give us some informations thanks 🙂

  2. hallo miss bouadma
    about last sunday lesson not so good in taking notes so i missed some point could you please give us handout or tell us where or how we can find informations
    thank you in advance

    • If you make efforts to study well, you will be successful. The studies of the English language and literature can be very interesting for those who are ready to read books and study hard.
      Good luck with your studies.

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