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Here is the link to No Fear Shakespeare for Twelfth Night


Group 15: The Fall of the House of Usher & Eveline

The Fall of the House of Usher by Edgar.A.Poe

We studied three major points

Foreshadowing:  It implies giving hints about the future events. We studied some examples, like the title itself, the fissure on the house,  the physical and mental state of the brother and sister. Do further research on it.

Symbolism: Using symbolism in literature can intensify the meaning and give it more impact, than just writing directly the events.

Irrationality & Rationality: Edgar A. Poe  chose a rational narrator. We studied why he did so. He used such narrator to contrast between super natural events happening and the logic mind of the narrator fighting these ‘illusions’ in which he always foresaw logical explanation.

Eveline by James Joyce

We studied

Symbolism as a major characteristic of the short story: The first three lines of the short story are rich in symbolism as they present to us, the emotional, financial, and physical state of the main protagonist, Eveline.

The notion of Paralysis: We studied the element the prevents the protagonists of Dubliners from taking a personal decision. As far as Eveline is concerned, her paralysis prevents her from taking the final decision, and she prefers to remain with her oppressive father rather than seek happiness with her lover.

Epiphany  in Dubliners.